Welcome to Our Bamboo Story!

Established in 2009, Asali Bali has an award winning track record for contemporary bamboo construction, incorporating traditional vernacular values and design detailing. The company, registered in Bali, Indonesia, grew from an earlier venture (2003) exporting Javanese and Balinese furniture made from bamboo and timber from sustainable managed plantation woodlands.

In order to promote our passion and knowledge on the sustainability and applications of bamboo, and to share our knowledge from practical experience, we decided to offer Bamboo Structure Workshop courses since 2016.

Our Mission

To build engineered, large-scale, ambitiously designed bamboo constructions, within the framework of a professional, efficiently managed company.


To develop and promote the bamboo construction industry by engaging:

The office team is structured according to marketing, technical, production and administrative departments.

Our production workshop is located in the village of Belega in Blahbatuh near Gianyar town, in the heart of Bali’s traditional bamboo craft area.

Based on the traditional framework we have formed specialized sub-teams within our construction department, dedicated to perfecting each stage and process, i.e. termite treatment, foundations, concrete interfacing, roofing, cladding and the specialized ‘Alang Alang’ (thatching).

You can also take advantage of our recommended outsourced partners including services such as waterproofing, electrics, plumbing, doors and windows specialists, tiling.

And enjoy working with an almost 100 percent carbon neutral business.

We warmly welcome you to learn more about us

asali bali team with modern bamboo structure

Structural Bamboo Job done by the production Team of Wave and Whales Building.

Olivia and Ayu dedicated to follow closely the production of your Bamboo project

Asali Bali Office and workshop designed to build ambitious Bamboo structures with efficiency.

The workshop facility include an optimized drying, preparation and treatment station for bamboos.