To build with bamboo is a serious technical challenge.

To remove the constraints of using bamboo material in structural construction, we have engineered carefully prescribed, proven and standard procedures which are passed on the client through our services.

Our knowledge base is greatly indebted to the exceptional skills, practical experience and oral tradition of apprenticeship developed by the Balinese, following traditional methods of Banjar Adat community organization.

Such organically acquired knowledge management continually evolves as the Balinese are by nature curious, ingenious and are equally tolerant and welcoming new innovations. Elders teach younger people based on a hierarchical apprenticeship, which is fluid and ever changing, enriched by each individuals input, unique style and artisanal skill.

Asali Bali is uniquely positioned to enjoy full access to this knowledge base, as we have always operated with and within the community, and have always demonstrated respect and participation in the social and spiritual rules of the Adat village.

For the Balinese, harmony in the community, and by extension with the Gods and Mother Nature (Tri Hita Karana philosophy) require balanced exchanges and top inspirational human qualities based on the "Karma law".

Aside social contributions, one of our main input is to bring modern techniques of construction:

  • Supply of the bamboo.

    We are blessed in Bali to have the broad spectrum of best quality bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper and Gigantochloa apus) in the world, providing poles which range from 2cm to 15cm diameter. If that is not enough, we guarantee strictly quality controlled bamboo using the criteria of age, strength, length, absence of disease.

    Moreover, traditional knowledge on the sustainability of bamboo harvest, time of year, altitude of growth, local hydrology, height of cut and number of culms (poles) cut is critical to the health of the bamboo stand. Each of these criteria has a direct knock-on effect on the suitability of bamboo for structural construction.

  • Preparation of the Bamboo poles, storage.
    5steps are necessary to offer aesthetically pleasing bamboo poles properly prepared, dried, treated and stored in optimized conditions. The goal is is not only about aesthetics, but moreover to prevent cracking and structural weakness.
  • Treatment anti termite.
    From 2009 we use Freemite a plant base non toxic termite treatment.  73 km of bamboo have been treated by ourselves last year with only 1 pole in 400 showing a start of parasite attacks. Contrary to popular opinion there is no treatment proven to be 100% efficient.  Freemite is now designed for professional use and is guaranteed by 3 official tests following the Japan Industrial Standard. Freemite is a certified non toxic termite treatment, efficient on wood and bamboo against termites, powder post beetles and woodworm, as well as to protect the soil of your property against those pests. We treat bamboo everyday with Freemite and record carefully all results that allow us to progress not only in efficiency but also to offer a cost effective professional treatment solution.
  • Framework, assembly systems, Joins, connections, foundations
    are one of the technical key points for large scale bamboo buildings. We calculate, design and test every structure and each critical connection carefully. Our craftsmen are of course involved in this matter and trained to implement the defined process properly.
    Not only a benefit on the sustainability of our structures this also optimizes the production costs by reducing the amount of materials and work.
  • In house prefabricated, demountable structures.
    As we are called to build outside of Bali we had to adapt some traditional, the idea here is to build the maximum elements of a structure in our workshop in order to  lower the time and costs on site.
  • High tech products
    We studied, selected and tested the best tools, hardware, glues, finishing available in the world. For example 4 range of glue are implemented exactly where they are required during the construction process.
  • Research & Development
    To reach the above solutions we created a proper R&D cell who find, analyze, calculate and test carefully each problem encountered. Our marketing team is fully involved in this process as expensive solutions have sense only if implementation saves working costs or lowers the need of bamboo construction material.


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bamboo circular structure

Preparation of a sacred geometry pattern.

Hopefully safer than it seems.

bamboo building technique

Useful bamboo furniture competences.

bamboo structure building

A prefabricated bamboo lodge to be exported.

working on bamboo building

Knock down bamboo technique of construction.

bamboo drying technique

Treating bamboo with Freemite.

bamboo construction technique

Should be nice, strong and sustainable.