Why Engineered Bamboo building?


We all understand the interest of using more environmental and Eco-friendly materials in our close environment to improve our comfort, our health and the peace of our mind. And probably this green way of living is just at his starting point as more the ecological and environmental problems grow, and more the awareness rizes.

That’s why Asali Bali is committed to build bamboo structures sometimes with ambitious design and size. And we are probably far to have reached our limits...

To fulfill this mission we found 2 key points while keeping in mind the vision of your needs and interests:

  • to build constructions truly sustainable because if a bamboo framework is to last only 10 years, it simply don’t worth, excepted in some cases.
  • to offer Cost effective solutions as our business can be successful only if we are attractively competitive compared to concrete, wood or steel. On that point let us be clear: we are far less expensive than wood and steel structure, and can compete with concrete.

Bamboo is an excellent material for construction because of some impressive mechanical properties. But let’s be honest, bamboo has some structural weaknesses too. We don’t hide them, we face and deal with them.

At Asali Bali we focused since 2009 on those weaknesses by implementing the engineered solutions we found that we thoroughly include in our production processes.

We now offer truly sustainable buildings structures calculated following :

  • European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) (2004) ISO 22156/ Bamboo - Structural design
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) (2005) ISO 22157 / Bamboo – Determination of physical and mechanical properties.

But don’t miss this point: we are not extremists and we don’t promote the 100% bamboo construction. Like other kind of material bamboo have limits like sun and water exposition. And it is sometimes more simple, efficient or even more Eco-friendly to use steel, concrete or other materials for dedicated purposes.

We have now solutions to build nearly all the designs an architect could imagine.
Building sizes with bamboo have limits but you could be astonished with what we can build.

More precisions on our engineered bamboo buildings

bamboo roof engineering

Round construction system on an 11m tower.

bamboo roof structure

Structural bamboo joint by Asali Bali.

bamboo structure on the beach

To structure the construction phases.

Study and implementation.

bamboo building techinque

Load Test on new bamboo Tali connection support 1850 kg.