2019 Intensive Bamboo Structure Workshops in our Bamboo Factory.

Bamboo Structure Workshop (3 intensive days).

Become familiar with bamboo construction techniques, principles of construction, opportunities and constraints of bamboo as a building material and participate in artisan bamboo craft workshops. And study your Bamboo structure project.

The Bamboo Structure Workshop venue is located in our Bali bamboo factory where artisan craftsmen and bamboo preservation techniques can be observed, with additional site visits to view completed projects.


2019 Dates:

  • 11, 12, 13 November 2019.
  • 14, 15, 16 January 2020
  • 17, 18, 19 March 2020
  • 5, 6, 7 May 2020
  • 7, 8, 9 July 2020
  • 22, 23, 24 September 2020
  • 10, 11, 12 November 2020

Our vision is to add value on bamboo & natural building materials using :
Balinese traditional knowledge
Sustainable & Eco-friendly solutions
Engineered solutions

Whilst we are primarily focused on large scale bamboo structures and commercial construction (residential, educational, retail and leisure), we cannot resist to share our experiences and help others develop their own projects promoting sustainable and aesthetic construction.

The Workshop is Designed For :

Architects, designers,
engineers, project holders,
bamboo lovers…

The bamboo structure workshop content can easily adapted according to participants skills and be tailored to your individual technical requirements, whether you have a project in mind, or simply wish to learn the general principles of building with this fascinating construction material.

Workshop Timeline :

Before the workshop : Discussion about your motivations and your bamboo projects.

Day 1 : Become familiar with bamboo construction and develop your project

9:00 am Coffee and croissants at the factory.
Presentation, explanation of personal project and motivations.
Presentation of bamboo material insisting on its weaknesses.
Our vision about bamboo treatment based on our daily experience for 6 years.
Visit of our factory. Technical explanation of key structural matters and solutions.

12:00 am Lunch time. Visit and exchange with traditional bamboo professional in our village.

2:30 pm Documentation of modern and engineered designs by Asali Bali.
Review of each of your projects.
From the ground to the roof: explanation of the principals of construction with bamboo.
Analyze of technical key points for each project.
Start realization of small scale project (1/50).

5:00 pm End of the day and relax after questions/answers.


Structural work in Sumabawa.

Day 2 : Get into bamboo material and practice

9:00 am Coffee. Presentation of traditional bamboo in Bali by our local craftsmen.
(tukang bamboo) who will learn and help you.
– Prepare a piece of bamboo.
– Cut a bamboo properly.
– Connect 2 bamboos.
– Drill and pin 2 bamboos.
– Split a bamboo.

12:00 am Lunch time. Traditional Balinese cake for the hard workers!

1:00 pm Realization of a bamboo prototype scale 1:1
The craftsmen will teach and help you with bamboo techniques.

5:00 pm End of the day, debrief of techniques learned and relax after questions/answers.

Small scale (1/50) for a yoga bamboo shala

Day 3 : Application on to projects of bamboo specificity

9:00 am Coffee. Head back on your project regarding the bamboo techniques learned.
Workshop on particular points of your project.
Final realization of your small scale (1:50) or a technical/critical part of it.

1:00 pm Lunch time in a bamboo restaurant.
Visit of 2 Asali Bali building projects in Bali.

5:00 pm Sunset drink in a bamboo beach club.


Discover bamboo with our talented balinese craftsmen. 

Bonuses & other advantages :
– Intensive content, documentation and personalised advices.
– Teaching adapted on your skills and projects.
– Content adapted to your skill.
– Exchanges are welcome after the bamboo structure workshop.
– Extra day optional and personalised.

Service included :
– Assisting on your room booking of nearby selected hotels and guest houses.
– Coffees, croissants, lunches, Balinese cakes, sunset drink.
– Transportation during visits and to restaurants.
– All material and tools for small scales and prototype realisation.

Contact us for registration and/or details or call Olivia by phone at +62 811  388 643


From Monica, Italian designer (12/03/2018) :
I want to thank you and your team for the great workshop I had.
I needed an introduction to bamboo since I need to build with bamboo and you gave me much more than that.
I’m leaving Bali with a clear idea on the design process with bamboo
and the building techniques.
I feel I achieved my goal to understand more about this green material
and this thanks to you.
Making my mock-up model with your supervision it helped me to understand
a lot about the structure, the joints and how distributing the weight.
Now I can design with bamboo trying to apply all what I learnt during the course to my project.
I will certainly recommend this course to anyone since I spent my money so well and I gained a lot back.
Please let’s keep in touch and bring my kind regards to all the Asali team.

from Jason Peters, English architect (24/03/2017) :
Having been on many courses and given many courses (Assistant Professor Hong Kong University, Conservation Officer Forty Hall Estate, London), I must congratulate Asali Bali on offering and delivering a truly fascinating three day course.
The introduction to the principles, techniques and applications of bamboo construction, the historic (Balinese) overview, completed project site visits, practical workshops and trips to local artisans provided the perfect balance of information exchange, travel, sight-seeing and inspirational visits.
The set-up and operations in the factory were fascinating and the opportunity to work with real skilled artisans in the factory was a highlight.
The Asali Bali team were ever-present to assist, advise and tailor the course to our specific requirements- and the coffee and croissants were exceptional! I would strongly advise anyone thinking of a bamboo course on Bali to book with Asali Bali.